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Retype joins Type Network

Our new foundry partner launches with a stunning set of designs, including an exclusive new release, Guyot Headline, the first of Espinoza’s types inspired by the sixteenth-century French punchcutter.

An interview with Victoria Rushton

Victoria Rushton spoke about the process of designing her new script face, Gautreaux, at Typographics last year. Afterward, in an email exchange with Stephen Coles, she opened up about a variety of topics: public speaking, education,…

Connecting with Gautreaux

Introduced by Victoria Rushton at Typographics 2016, Gautreaux is a new script typeface that achieves complexity through masterful simplicity.

The name Gautreaux

With her new script face Gautreaux, Victoria Rushton brings the initial ‘G’ out of hiding.

ScreenFonts: May 2017

A flurry of painted art: the May episode of ScreenFonts looks at posters for Headshot, Umi Yori Mo Mada Fukaku (After The Storm), Donald Cried, Personal Shopper, God Knows Where I Am, The Blackcoat’s Daughter, Grave (Raw), Before I Fall,

TYPO Labs: variable fonts and beyond

Yes, TYPO Labs 2017 tackled more than just variable fonts—but the new technology maintained a constant presence in the background.

Monokrom blows in from the North

The cool Norwegian foundry brings its chill fonts to Type Network.

Get friendly with five feisty faces from Type-Ø-Tones

Josema Urós and Laura Meseguer warm the Type Network catalog with a simpatico quintet, including Harri, designed by Juan Luis Blanco, a winsome homage to the indigenous letterforms of the Basque Country.

Bitcount Prop

This spacing variant contains glyphs as wide as they need to be (e.g. “m” and “M”), including their necessary spacing and kerning. The vertical metrics (accents, ascender, and descenders) is identical to the Mono variant.

Bitcount Grid

The absolute 5x7 pixel grid, makes this variant candidate for usage on led-displays, where the vertical amount of pixels is limited. With the cost of some accents being reduced to a single pixel, still the full glyph set is availabe…

Bitcount Mono

This variant can be used if there is vertical no limit (e.g. if the pixels are made from stickers, flower-pots or other elements) and if accents must be best readable. Basically the Mono glyphs are identical to the Grid in…

TYPO Labs comes into its own

The sophomore edition of TYPO Labs was even bigger and better than the first—and jam-packed with enough stimulating content to make your head spin.