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A fiery entrance for Blaze Type

Founded in 2016 by Matthieu Salvaggio, Blaze Type’s mythically-inspired typefaces have become powerhouses in the high-end and European scenes. Now, the Lyon-based foundry joins Type Network. We sat down with Salvaggio to learn about his typefaces’ pagan origins, the foundry’s…

Anything you can do: Branding with variable fonts

From newspapers to ecommerce platforms, more companies are rebranding with variable fonts. This quick survey of recent identity projects reveals why.

Five ways to say it loudly

After looking at five excellent display faces two weeks ago, we received a flood of requests for more gems from that side of our library. In an effort to give the people what they want, here’s another foray into display.

Typetanic sets sail on TN

Founded in 2013 by Gregory Shutters, Typetanic has produced some of the past-decade’s most intriguing historical typefaces. Now, the Chicago-based foundry is joining Type Network. We sat down with Shutters to discuss how he started in type, where he finds…

Using variable fonts on the web

Over the past 5 weeks, we’ve learned what variable fonts are, where they’re going, how they’re being used by Rhode Island and Google, and how to fix the issues with web typography. Now, we’re turning our attention to action: How…

Indulging in display

In this break from the serious, text type side of our catalog, we look at five eye-catching display faces that don’t sacrifice quality.

Using all the axes: A conversation with Scott Kellum

Variable fonts can improve web typography only so much as web designers and developers can use them. Scott Kellum, who built Typetura to enable easy variable font usage online, holds two patents related to fluid typesetting with cofounder…

New designs with classic faces

Thanks to the ATF Collection’s digital revivals, classic American Type Founders faces have reentered the popular typographic discourse. Here’s a look at some new designs featuring these timeless designs.

Finesse and express

With 3.5 billion searches per day—and billions more using their other products—Google has perhaps the greatest need in history to adapt to its users. To explore how variable fonts can enable precision typography in dynamic environments, Google has commissioned Font…

Letters from a Turkish prison

Held in the notorious Silivri prison, 90 kilometers from Istanbul, for the past six years, Fevzi Yazıcı designed a unique typeface. He drew it with a pencil in his dimly lit solitary-confinement cell and named it “Firdevs,” for his wife.…

Putting accessibility first

In early 2020, the State of Rhode Island turned to web typography expert Jason Pamental to design their new web platform. Using variable fonts, he led the team that produced one of the web’s most accessible and flexible collection of…