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Cyrus Highsmith publishes a new typography primer

Inside Paragraphs: typographic fundamentals is a book about basic typography from the perspective of a type designer.

Turnip: ready for harvest

Rustic but not unrefined, David Jonathan Ross’s Turnip can be planted in any ground, and still come up hardy, tasty, and readable.

Font Bureau at TypeCon 2012

In Milwaukee, Wisconsin, TypeCon 2012 brings together type designers and graphic designers. And Font Bureau is there.


Ever wonder where your friend the typophile got all those cool letters to decorate their home?

Lending a Hand (or a Face)

Dyana Weissman’s script-in-progress graces the invitations of her friends’ wedding.

Readability Series migrates to retail library

The Readability Series, a set of text families developed for readability in newspapers, is available for retail licensing.

Neue Haas Grotesk available from Font Bureau

Christian Schwartz restores the subtle warmth that Helvetica has lost through fifty years of adaptation and compromises. Brochure

Video: TDC: The Judges Night 2012

Maxim Zhukov moderates a panel with type-design judges Roger Black, Matthew Carter, Paul Shaw, and Erik Spiekermann.

The Boston Globe’s brand integration across media

Bringing print typography to the screen with integrated font families.

Georgia Pro & Verdana Pro: More Widths. More Weights. More Possibilities.

Matthew Carter’s versatile and ubiquitous typefaces for reading onscreen and on paper gain new weights, a new width, OpenType layout features, and a pan-European character set.

Typeradio interview with David Berlow

Typeradio got David Berlow talking at the ATypI 2010 conference in Dublin.

Tangier & Rocky among Letter.2 winners

Typefaces by Richard Lipton and Matthew Carter are recognized in ATypI’s second type-design competition.