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Hotel Minho

Capibara and Capibara Mono in use for the wayfinding of Hotel Minho, Portugal. From R2 Design:

Located in Vila Nova de Cerveira, north of Portugal, Hotel Minho decided to renew its installations (Virgula i Architects) as well as the whole graphic identity. R2 was asked to create the new design concept, which should reflect the contemporaneity of the building and also the character of the region.

We were requested to create a signage system that should fit with the architecture project, and would interact and blend perfectly with the colour palette and materials. Our aim was to create a harmonious relationship between different materials, maintaining the aesthetic and consistent quality throughout the system.

The stag — symbol of the region — was chosen as the identity’s basilar sign and designed in various positions. The pictograms were designed based on the structure of the typeface Capibara (designed by Pieter van Rosmalen for Bold Monday, in 2008), and inspired by the letters of Theo van Doesburg.

The elements were applied in the entire design project, which includes the corporate image as well as the signage system.