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Going Dark, Blackout, Dead Zone

For the newest series from critically-acclaimed teen fiction author Robison Wells, Erin Fitzsimmons used a typeface that would both reference the story’s genre and give the author’s name a memorable visual identity.

“We knew we wanted these to have a slightly sci-fi vibe, but also feel at home within the action/superhero world (think X-Men!) I believe we went back and forth between Agency and Solano Gothic, and in the end Agency had a stronger feel with the squarer corners, and the R in Rob's name is just the coolest. I tend to have a thing for R's, actually. They can make or break a typeface.” — Erin Fitzsimmons

ATF Agency Gothic was designed by Morris Fuller Benton in 1932 as a lone titling face. In 1990, David Berlow saw potential in the squared forms of the narrow, monotone capitals. He designed a lowercase and added a bold to produce FB Agency. The family has since expanded to five weights in five widths.

The HarperTeen Impulse logo is set in Interstate Black.