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Cortado in Use: Jia!

Jia! (“Eat!”) is a book about the food, culture, and people of Swatow, Teochew, and the Teoswa diaspora.

Teoswa is the local pronunciation of Chaoshan (潮汕), the region in China’s eastern Guangdong Province comprising the cities of Teochew (Chaozhou), Swatow (Shantou), and Gigyong (Jieyang). It’s the ancestral homeland of about 25 million gaginang — that’s Teoswa for “our people.” It’s estimated that half of all Teoswa live outside of China.  — Jia Cookbook website

An essay by the author about (and with photographs of) Teoswa cuisine can be found here.

The cover combines Cortado and Acier Solid, with corresponding transliterations in Ro Shino and Source Han Sans. The interior body text is set in Tisa, Tisa Sans, and PingFang. According to author/designer Diana Zheng, the use of Cortado for headlines throughout the book was partly inspired by Chinese-American cookbook design of the 1950s–60s.

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